Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Minnesota Vikings

Nick: The Vikes should take this easily. 30-14 Vikings.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: He is too cool to comment on this game. 17-14 Vikings.

Washington Redskins vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Nick: James Harrison says concussion smunsmussion (?) 27-21 Steelers.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Steelers at home are always good. Always! 23-20 Steelers.

Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit Lions

Nick: You figure that the Lions aren’t this bad. Stafford is looking like Joey Harrington. 30-17 Lions. 

Daniel aka “Ribs”: I think the Seahawks DB’s can shut down Megatron and that leaves the Lions with literally nothing else to work with. 17-14 Seahawks.

Carolina Panthers vs Chicago Bears

Nick: The Panthers are burning pile of garbage right now. I can say that because it’s my team. I think they’ll make it interesting, though. 27-17 Bears.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Panthers don’t have enough anything to keep up with the Bears. 27-13 Bears.

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles

Nick: Andy Reid is fired after this game. 30-20 Falcons.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Fast, explosive offenses on both sides of the ball but it will be big Tony Gonzalez who wins it for the Falcons. 35-28 Falcons.

New England Patriots vs St. Louis Rams

Nick: Who do the Brits root for? The Rams of course. Go read what a Patriot actually is. Tom Brady does not care and he will spill more British blood. 35-14 Patriots.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Closer than most people think. Rams are underrated on offense AND defense. 30-24 Patriots.

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans

Nick: This is a tough one. I think Chris Johnson will have another really good day. Let the boy tic his way to the endzone. 24-17 Titans.

Daniel aka “Ribs”:  Luck-to-Wayne gets rebooted this week. I can’t believe that Hasselbeck is still finding ways to become a starting QB in 2012. 24-20 Colts.

San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Browns

Nick: I want to cheer for Weeden. I want to photoshop his face on top of a Weedle. I just can’t pick his team yet. 24-20 Chargers.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Luck-to-Wayne gets rebooted this week. I can’t believe that Hasselbeck is still finding ways to become a starting QB in 2012. 24-20 Colts.

Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets

Nick: THIS IS THE WEEK TIM TEBOW DOES SOMETHING. Only because Sanchez gets benched. 20-14 Dolphins.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Dolphins are a better team. I think. Or maybe they’re just less annoying. 23-17 Dolphins.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers

Nick: Aaaron Rodgers is rolling. Every win, I’ll add another “A” to his name. 45-14 Packers.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: This has blowout written all over it, which means it will probably be a tightly contested game. 35-13 Packers.

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Nick: This used to be a good rivalry. Keyword(s): Used to. 23-17 Chiefs.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: The winner of this game goes on to finish second-to-last in the division. 20-17 Raiders.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

Nick: Cowboys still haven’t looked very impressive. How many times does Cruz salsa? I say two. 35-28 Giants.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Too much Eli-to-Cruz. Too much Eli-to-Nicks. Too much Bradshaw-to-the-endzone. 30-24 Giants.

New Orleans Saints vs Denver Broncos

Nick: They should let Sean Payton coach from the jumbotron. 30-27 Saints.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Broncos are the best 3-3 team in the league. I think. They take the lead in the AFC West and don’t give it up for the rest of the season. 35-24 Broncos.

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

Nick: Tiny Hands redeems himself from two poor offensive outings. 27-10 49ers.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Tough game between 2 tough teams with 2 tough defenses. But the 49ers are tougher. 24-20 49ers.

Nick’s Season Record: 54-50

Daniel aka “Ribs” Season Record: – 61-42


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