Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills

Nick: Reluctantly picking the Bills. They almost gave away that game to the Cardinals. 20-14 Bills.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: I secretly still have hope that the Bills can win the division. 27-17 Bills.

Cleveland Browns vs Indianapolis Colts

Nick: Weeden is out to prove he is the best quarterback in the draft. Fear Weeden. 27-14 Browns.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Andrew Luck is good, ok? I feel like I have to remind people of this all the time. #TEAMLUCK 20-17 Colts.


Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans

Nick: The Texans had their slip up, will continue to be dominant. JJ Watt literally eats Ray Rice midgame. 30-20 Texans.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Those injuries on the Ravens defense are going to give the edge to Houston in this one. I expect some hard hits and maybe even some “cart-offs”. 27-20 Texans.

Green Bay Packers vs St. Louis Rams

Nick: Sam Bradford is still in the Dolphins pinball machine. 35-14 Packers.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: I think the Packers go on a bit of a win streak after last week’s victory. Another big game for Rodgers, me thinks. 38-20 Packers.

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nick: The Buccaneers seemed way too good last week. Drew Brees throws for 400 yards. Mark Ingram does nothing. 35-24 Saints.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Like the Packers, I think the Saints go on a bit of a run. It’s only a matter of time, right? 27-17 Saints.

Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers


Daniel aka “Ribs”: I hate the Cowboys and I hate picking them to ever win. Let’s move on. 23-20 Cowboys.

Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings

Nick: *VIKING HORN* 17-10 Vikings. 

Daniel aka “Ribs”: In the battle of teams-no-one-thought-would-be-4-and-2, the Red Birds come out victorious. 24-23 Cardinals.

Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

Nick: If Victor Cruz dances in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does he really dance? 28-14 Giants.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Another Giants blowout will make me and my fellow Niners fans feel a bit better about that one-sided loss. 30-10 Giants.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Oakland Raiders

Nick: Blaine Gabbert is caught on camera saying really bad words again because he has no receivers. 27-13 Raiders.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Somebody has to win this game, right? Well maybe not. But no one has ever predicted a tie in an NFL game and been correct. 20-10 Raiders.

New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Nick: These two teams hate each other. Whoever wins, the score is going to be ran up. 45-28 Patriots. 

Daniel aka “Ribs”: I say this is the game the Pats get the full tightend mojo back. How about 100+ and a TD each for Gronk and Hernandez. 38-17 Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Nick: I wrote a positive article about the Cincinnati Bengals and they began to suck. They just suck really bad. So so bad. Reverse jinx. 30-14 Bengals. 

Daniel aka “Ribs”: This is a tough one for me to pick. Probably because both these teams are so “PRETTY GOOD”. 17-14 Steelers.

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears

Nick: Cutler can underachieve all he wants when he has a dominant defense. Stafford throws about 5 picks every game. 35-24 Bears.

Daniel aka “Ribs”: Underachieving QB’s galore! I think Cutler underachieves less in this one. 28-20 Bears.


Nick’s Season Record: 46-45

Daniel aka “Ribs” Season Record: – 51-39


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