Meet The Butler, Alfred Morris.

Alfred Morris? Ha ha! More like Alfred Pennyworth.

In one corner, you have Robert Griffin III being Batman, transforming into a massive bat balloon and embracing the static cling that comes with being a media darling. His demeanor is always at ease, maneuvering on the field like a braided gazelle whilst having various microphones, cameras, and iPhones attached to every dexterous juke.

That’s not all he does. He shoulders the “savior” label like he has no other choice but to firmly grasp it, he relishes in the chants and cheers, and I’m damn sure he notices the thousands of jerseys and signs that are growing weekly at FedEx Field. If there is any pressure on the back of RGIII, he makes it feel like metallic microlattice (for non-nerds, it’s the lightest material on earth). Griffin repays his loyal supporters by playing with reckless (and scary) abandon, scaling daunting defensive walls with his grapple gun as if he’s been doing it for years.

One slight thing seems to be overlooked – the glory cannot be accepted by one entity alone, for the answer you must look below. And by below, I mean “The Batcave”.

Much like Alfred Pennyworth, the day-to-day operations and maintenance is handled by Morris, whom without his running threat would leave RG3 with less room to work and a bit more susceptible to error. As they always say, you have to keep the defense honest – in his case, he makes defenses look like they were caught in a white lie. Alfred Morris has been working his tail off without much fanfare and has been producing as much as a 6th round pick from Florida Atlantic could muster up. All of that hard work has him on track towards becoming the Washington Redskins most productive running back in the D.C. area since Clinton Portis. He’s on pace for a 1500 yard/15 touchdown season.

And Morris might have to watch his back if he ever decides to turn on to the Northeast Freeway. Sheriff Gonna Getcha could have a surprise for him if he becomes a little too good for Clinton’s liking. With that said, there is worse reasons to be arrested for.

Marshawn Lynch has brought out Alfred Morris as his new tag team partner, and somehow transferred “Beast Mode” through an innocuous hand tag into the ring. When you watch Morris run, he passes the vision test with ease – every run has 3 people eating grass and he usually breaks off for about 5+ yards on every play (he averages 4.7 ypc) that is eerily reminiscent to the Skittle King. It’s not a startling revelation that they are ranked 1 and 2 in the broken tackles statistic. Is it possible to call somebody the real deal only 6 games into their career? If not, then we’re at a point where it’s dangerously close. Less we forget, this is all from the 13th drafted RB from the 2012 NFL Draft.

A smart betting man would not continue gambling against Alfred Morris unless he wishes to be living out of his car amongst empty gatorade bottles and Jamaican beef patty wrappers from the nearby 7-11.

For one, in 6 games he’s already become the best FAU Owl to make the pros in the 11 year football history of the school. Other alumni that have made the NFL read off as students sorted into the Hufflepuff House. Rob Housler, Brian Pare, Nello Faulk, Chris Laskowski, and Rusty Smith (3rd stringer of the Titans who has thrown 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in his career). The Owls finally have a professional sports figure that doesn’t suck. That’s a hard trend to buck.

In the NFL, Alfred Morris was expected to make a move to fullback just so that he could make the 53-man roster and keep his NFL dream alive with a team rich in tailbacks. Now he stands in front of you as a starter, and the kickstarter (without any donations) to the Redskins engine each and every game. The only people that could even fathom being angry at this sort of story is Evan Royster…. and the people that drafted him.

If the National Football League has taught me anything it’s that nothing is written in stone. Only a handful of players can transcend a team into a contender no matter the teammates surrounding them or the ineptitude of coaches. The perfect mixture is often hard to attain. Whether it’s a flash in the pan, or two genuine franchise changers they’ve acquired in one fell swoop, the process of “taking your lumps” can be leapfrogged if the Washington Redskins realize they do actually have a chance to make magic in a division where turmoil is brewing in Philadelphia and Dallas.

You might have read stories about Morris still driving his 1991 Mazda. It’s not true. He’s driving the team.


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